true blue

560675301 d2d9a018de o true blue

At the Yankee’s game yesterday, it came to our attention that the guy sitting in front of us really loved his team, judging purely by his choice in underwear.


tiny teacup, big impact

556859919 4a7de807c2 o tiny teacup, big impact

I made a purchase yesterday (shocker) — although this is one I won’t donate to Good Will in a year, let alone 50. Wandering through The Affordable Art Fair, as its called, I came upon an artist that really excited me. He combines his love of old wood frames with an incredible vision of everyday objects, like this teacup. The photo itself is not more than an inch across encouraging the viewer to step closer and stop for a minute to admire the simplicity and beauty of a work that looks like it could be 100 years old. Thank you to the artist, Jefferson Hayman and the gallery that had the vision to display his work.


pretty and pink

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This is a shot taken from my “roll-a-day” class last semester. When the assignment is to photograph a roll of film (or the digital equivalent) per day for 60 days straight, you are bound to get a few keepers.


leg up

548053952 8118e45810 o leg up

My next homework assignment is to find a scene where the person(s) you are photographing have some sort of strange relationship with the background or other surrounding object(s). I happened upon this odd scenario and it seems to fit the bill. Also, how often do you see someone using a phone booth anymore?


eyes have it

543994621 fc7cc78b77 o eyes have it

This was an informal photo I took of my friend Jo after taking pics of her for my photo assignment — which, I might add, was a hands down success. The photos fooled everyone in my class, even the teacher. They couldn’t tell the real Marilyn Monroe from the stand-in.


room with a view

542454171 e0d2827d26 o room with a view

My mom still thinks New York is a dangerous, dirty place (well, maybe it is a little dirty). But the other day, she asked me if I could see any part of the sky from my apartment. Indeed I can, and there are even a couple of trees (lower right) for that “in the country” feel.


grabbing crab

540706798 eaf2379987 o grabbing crab

There is nothing like a crab feast with friends on a sunny day by the river. The crab here would care to differ, judging by the leg he got a hold of from another crab right before becoming my lunch.