about light

539172887 c7a73d9440 o about light

Distracted from the purpose of my homework assignment, I was struck by the beauty of the light shining around my friend, Jo, who was patiently sitting in her hot garage, waiting for me to photograph her. My assignment was to imitate a famous portrait (I picked one of Marilyn Monroe), which is a lot harder than you’d think, but a very good lesson.


one night in Turkey

537271910 5e1e135fda o one night in Turkey

This is another photo I’ve always had an affinity for despite a luke warm enthusiasm from others. It was taken during a week of celebration for our friends Nazar and Doreen. In this particular instance, it might be my emotions and memories of Istanbul that cloud my judgement on whether this is considered a successful photograph or not. But, whatever. I still like it.


some salmon

534548190 53cedd3222 o some salmon

On assignment, I shot about 60 photos of this plate of salmon and asparagus for a restaurant review to print in a local paper. Can you hear the enthusiasm in my voice? This will not be the money shot, but I like that the framing is off, yet the food still looks somewhat appealing.


hot night in the old town

533236787 ebb3380072 o hot night in the old town

This girl was spotted crossing the West Side Highway last Saturday evening. She was dressed to impress, but you get the idea.


wild horses

532159562 7e75b95b15 o wild horses

Our friend Mike gave Paul and me this very thoughtful housewarming gift. It is basically two ceramic horse heads attached to a rhinoceros’s body — probably one of the more vile creatures I’ve laid eyes on. Thanks, Mike, from the bottoms of our hearts. Enjoy it on display in this photo, because it is no longer prominently displayed anywhere.



530909366 819bb5bb71 o change

It felt like forever. Like it would never go away. These terrific men, taking pride in delivering the best in Polish charcuterie. Smoked meats, home made sausages of all kinds. Service the way it should be for something so central to any home cooked meal. Kurowycky Meat Products has closed its doors after 52 years. I took this last fall while picking up some of their specialties, comfortable in the knowledge that I could always come back.


climbing the ladder

527748038 3c9de9d922 o climbing the ladder

In a desperate attempt to complete my homework assignment for my portrait class, I was fortunate to have a willing participant. I told my friend, Mike, to do some odd things, but I really like this shot of him climbing the fire escape on a lovely evening in the west village.

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