on the street

525351983 4d5e74033f o on the street

I’ve been taking a lot of walks through the meatpacking district. It is one of those places that is both old and new, as evidenced by the cobblestone and asphalt road.


some building

524918181 1666be9e82 o some building

I think we all know what this is a picture of. Hopefully no one has taken a photo quite like this (intentionally) of the Empire State Building before.


nice lips

523150324 b789a101d2 o nice lips

No, I didn’t take a photo of someone’s lips with a macro lens. Rather, I took this picture of this section of a larger-than-life poster found on 14th St. (it’s an ad for a neighboring clothing store). The shadow and seam give it away.


at the beach but not

521500275 f3e3722981 o at the beach but not

This photo made the cut, but it wasn’t a favorite. Now that it’s been a few weeks and I’m more removed from the actual shoot itself, it has new life. Because of the film I used, the background almost looks fake, or very flat, drawing attention to her hair and face. The model took direction well and helped me pull off what I had envisioned — a distant look is on her face, perhaps thinking of a past she left behind.


lens flare good

519950769 a6ce8819fe o lens flare good

In some photography classes it is taught that lens flare is a bad thing and should be avoided at all costs (it’s the effect that happens when the lens reflects light in such a way that spots appear in the photo). People spend tons of money on big shields for their lenses. I like the effect (and I’m cheap), especially for images like this one. Without the spots of light, the photo of this church on 14th Street wouldn’t be as interesting.


cheek this out

518015664 b757e4c679 o cheek this out

She belongs to a girlfriend of mine whom I visited, among others, while I was down south this past weekend. The cheeks on little Rory are one of a kind.


to the motherland

514135593 32af41bde7 o to the motherland

I didn’t really pay attention to this photo when I took it last December, but now, after aging a few months, it looks different for some reason. I like the connection, or lack thereof between Paul’s sister and the painting from Poland on his parent’s wall in New Jersey. (Paul, his sister and folks are currently taking the trip of a lifetime. They started in Poland, where his parents are originally from, then Paris and London.)