grass is greener

512135325 4096dc048e o grass is greener

All I can say is this girl needs a tan.



510793066 6603cb1221 o pink


positive reflections

509433251 601bf7e036 o positive reflections

Everyone has seen/done the whole window reflection thing so it often seems like a tired study. Yet, I will still take the occasional photo and this one I took yesterday, might be somewhat successful. It’s not deep in meaning or anything, but the buildings, sky and ultimately the guy in the restaurant (I think replacing a light bulb, or something) makes for an interesting enough photo.


dude photographed at ICP

507961788 a1909dcab6 o dude photographed at ICP

I’m taking another portrait class starting tonight, but to get me in the mood…. This photo was taken in the lobby of the International Center of Photography during a lighting workshop I took earlier this year. I used a technique called dragging the shutter, which means flash was used but I kept the shutter on my camera open a bit longer so that the background would be illuminated as well (you can also tell by the blurriness of the nice man sitting behind the desk). Lesson for the day.



503352845 afdceb22da o kippy

The Kipster, Kipparooni, Tip Tip, Kippy Kip, Tippy, Fluffy, Fuzzy, Sunshine Girl. Many names, one amazing cat.


doing the meringue

504550705 ccb2df725a o doing the meringue

While in California, I asked a friend if I could take home some lemons from their neighbor’s tree. Ask and you shall receive. I was at long last able to satisfy my craving for a lemon meringue pie (I’m ashamed I didn’t make the crust, but it was all good).


one more

503359016 74d45fab00 o one more

I finally got my black and whites developed of the Coney Island shoot. This is one of those pictures I keep coming back to.