a fan

502201842 7387c10738 o a fan

Here is someone who follows my blog very closely.


part of a nutritious diet

500763148 b7771df756 o part of a nutritious diet

As some of you may know, a gin martini (certainly not vodka) and popcorn is my dinner of choice when dining alone. I would have made my own popcorn (oil popped with garlic powder, salt, butter and paprika) but my copper pan needs re-tinning. So I had to settle for microwave. It’s complicated. BTW, if you know anything about re-tinning a copper pan, please let me know.


into obscurity

499526149 d20f2cefb8 o into obscurity

I feel like everytime I leave Coney Island on the subway, it will never be the same again. Maybe because it’s true. The ferris wheel, shown here in the background, along with every other ride, game and show (with the exception of the Cyclone, which I hear will be spared) will likely all be gone in a year. To see more photos of this once-upon-a-time playground of the world, go to http://www.w-stop.com/zenphoto/coneyisland/.


close up

497907262 211bd93c17 o close up

The blue slide we found at a children’s playground at Coney Island makes a stunning backdrop for Tomo. Someone asked if I had Photoshopped that color in. If possible, I rarely use Photoshop on my photos before posting. I prefer to keep them in their purest form because it shows exactly what I framed at the moment I took the picture, mistakes and all.


beauty and the beach

496271067 7a396148e0 o beauty and the beach

This is dress number two for Tomo during Friday’s test shoot. I just like how hazy and kind of barren and dirty everything is and then you have this beauty who is oblivious to the world around her.


coney island ride

494389915 3e2aeb0b57 o coney island ride

I had another test shoot today, this time at Coney Island. My model, having had to put up with a lot of nut jobs on the boardwalk, cold winds and blowing sand, was a willing participant. We worked quickly, racing from one site to the next. All and all, a fun ride.


sausage king

493008735 511aa293c0 o sausage king

The guy on the left wants to be the sausage king of the world (to read more about this guy and his sausages, check out www.smalera.com soon for a short review). Lucky for the photographer and the restaurant reviewer, we were allowed to sample an absurd amount of sausages and mustards at this growing (fattening?) chain of restaurants.