face forward

491934356 5077cc0cf4 o face forward

The previous pics of Jessica, the musician, have been a little more obscure. This one gives you a more direct view. I took this photo towards the end of the shoot, taking advantage of my old film camera (which I still believe takes superior pics over digital).


sick and tired

489880868 7922dd8343 o sick and tired

I must say the apartment was strangely quiet this morning. What happened to the rattling cough and moans of fatigue? Could this be the day that we put away all the cough syrups? It just may be, and what a wonderful day it would be.


musician on the rise

488280024 72222acb7b o musician on the rise

This is one of the first photos I took of Jessica at Fort Tryon Park last Saturday. While we did a lot of the standard poses, this one shows a more personal and delicate side.


the grand finale

486628000 8eb3a213f6 o the grand finale

Jessica, Will, Gizmo (their dog) and I made a great team at Jessica’s photo shoot yesterday. We ran around chasing the right light and ended the day at this beautiful set of archways at Fort Tryon Park. We lacked a stylist, hair and makeup team, but I think sometimes the less people involved the better the shoot goes. Sure the garbage can could stand to be Photoshopped out, but for now, this gives you an idea of the setting we had to work with. More photos of yesterday’s shoot to come.


next stop, cloisters

485212519 ad4033a075 o next stop, cloisters

Later today I’ll be heading up to 190th Street to photograph an up and coming musician. The Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park, located on a soaring, wooded site in upper Manhattan, will be a beautiful setting for this shoot.


who’s looking at who

483859686 41d554c2d5 o whos looking at who

I think it was the color palette of the scene in front of me that initially inspired this photo. Lots of the people depicted in this large French painting are looking at the viewer as we’re looking back at them. The security guard was also looking at us viewers as I got in trouble for taking this photo (for some reason I could take pictures of every other painting in the Getty Museum in L.A., just not this one).


wild west

482638554 303cbc32c6 o wild west

During our whirlwind tour of L.A., Paul and I stopped at the La Brea Tar Pit museum. The actual tar pits were not as impressive as this scene depicting a sabertoothed cat (tiger is incorrect) attacking a sloth. Of course it involved a kitty so I had to take a picture.