the right way to start the day

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Pann’s, a diner in L.A., is known for it’s architecture, chicken wings and waffles. First, you rip off a lucious bite of crispy, juicy chicken, then dip it in the melted butter and syrup. Alternate bites with the waffle and a side of grits. Top it all off with coffee and freshly squeezed o.j.



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Ah, nothing like the Santa Ana winds. I’m feeling quite happy back in my home state of Calif.



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Oooooh, look at the seagull!! Oh yeah, and there is Alcatraz.


gehry and me

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I couldn’t resist touching one of the sides of the Experience Music Project building located in Seattle, designed by Frank Gehry. It’s so shiny and organic. I felt lucky to be close to such greatness.


tile work

474591791 595088f25d o tile work

I’m taking a break from the west coast today. This tile store in soho definitely caught my attention the other night — particularly since there was a kitty involved. The store’s displays were all covered in this intricate tile work. Very striking.


golden gate, er something

472579174 6476ea3c6e o golden gate, er something

I was looking at the backs of too many tourists heads out on the deck of the tour boat (bummer being short sometimes) so I decided to seek shelter down below where I could see a unique view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


back in our not-so-recent past…

471299969 8d88c35cc5 o back in our not so recent past...

Yes, this is a picture of buffalo standing over (eating?) a dead american indian. This is a piece of history found at the maritime museum in San Francisco. The museum is filled with old mechanical games popular at fairs in the early and mid part of the 20th century. If you think today’s games are violent and graphic, visit this place and you’ll be surprised at the, shall we say, lack of sensitivity portrayed in some of these ‘playful’ outlets.