slow day at the ball park

470715672 75bc25a44b o slow day at the ball park

Paul and I were in San Francisco all of one hour before we hit up the Giants game in progress. While it looks like the game was not a real thrill ride, it did turn out to be a big win for the local team.


butterfly cabinet

464633101 4bd03224e1 o butterfly cabinet

After a bad furniture experience with West Elm, I am more intent on purchasing furniture that is real and has stood the test of time. I wandered into a Chinese antique store the other day and came upon this piece. It is a cabinet crafted around the 1920′s in southern China, and was originally purchased as a wedding dowry. The butterfly hardware is what sealed the deal for me. This photo isn’t textbook perfect by any means, but like the handmade cabinet, it is genuine.


forever young

464099704 25b0ba8d1f o forever young

Happy Birthday to Ryan who doesn’t look a day past 19.



462919741 99b7f48106 o toes

Ernie’s toes (and belly).


mane event

461485409 282ad63a02 o mane event

I couldn’t take my eyes off that beautiful, long hair while crossing the street near Union Square, and I wasn’t the only one.


queen of beers

460654357 369d9ede9c o queen of beers

Jo proudly wears the crown that she so well deserves. Our usual Wednesday evening outings were disrupted when I moved to New York. When she comes up to visit we try and make up for lost time.


a sign of good things to come

459475652 6e259d2d37 o a sign of good things to come