product shot

457859089 43ac874f97 o product shot

This was taken during a lighting workshop—a quick lesson on product shots. I don’t have any other reason for posting this except that I just like shoes.


spring? sometime?

456563991 86804e51dc o spring? sometime?

It’s another cold, rainy, winter-like day in April. This photo was taken a few days ago while I was driving on the Jersey Turnpike. A risky move at 80 miles an hour. These are the clouds responsible for the flurries I had to drive through.


special connection

455380362 a99799285e o special connection

Like her, Lori’s dogs are extremely vivacious and playful. It’s always a good time when I visit my old roommate from college, and it was particularly fun making friends with her pups.


up and running

454007210 0ba440cdfc o up and running

My general rule is no cute baby pictures—there are enough people in the world doing that, and to me, that just isn’t reality. So, here is Frances, who just found her legs and is incredibly mobile—and yes, very, very cute. When it comes to my boyfriend Paul’s neice, it is hard for one to resist taking cute baby pictures.


waffles and snow

452432537 21e31f387e o waffles and snow

I was in Maryland over Easter weekend. What was good was seeing my mom and my friends, eating waffles and drinking exceptional wine. Bad? It snowed.


end of semester

447220609 81ef719545 o end of semester

My last environmental portrait class was yesterday. Generally it was a good class—it made me think in different ways, but I’m not sure I liked the results. This photo was taken during a flash demonstration last Saturday in a makeup class. I think the flash bulb went off one too many times judging by the look on everyone’s face. Good luck to all the full-time students as they make their final push to graduate.


again, cat

446066709 5002675c79 o again, cat