lovely lady

444952193 fd25350c01 o lovely lady

This lovely lady is one of my favorite people I met while living in the east village. She and her husband own the Ethiopian restaurant that is located downstairs from our old apartment. They moved to New York from Ethiopia about 16 years ago, and just recently decided to share their native recipes. Thankfully.


tough guy

443608543 d00a59642e o tough guy

I took this photo last Saturday for another assignment for our environmental portrait class. We had to draw students’ names from a hat, then depending on who we picked, we had to photograph them reflecting a dark side of their personality and then a lighter side (darker side shown here—hopefully that’s obvious). Thanks to Steven, whose lighter side far outweighs his darker.


glorious pigeon

441644342 479ec13151 o glorious pigeon

This often overlooked and annoying bird has made its way into a number of my photos. I’ve decided not to fight it, but rather embrace it (there are 4 photos with pigeons in the Boneyard series on my website, I took this particular photo on a spring-like day in the park across from my new apartment.


bad advertising

441624406 0f6bbe9ebd o bad advertising

I don’t know about you, but this is one of the creepiest window displays I’ve seen in a long time. I was on my way to a photo shoot when those vacant eyes stared me down. I’m all about taking the fun and pretty picture, but I couldn’t pass this one up. I have a feeling the store owner doesn’t realize that seeing this might make a person run — not into the shop but far, far away. The kid looks possessed and those hands… Yikes.


where is ernie?

440066766 afb665fe5e o where is ernie?


photos to come

I always forget what a pain it is to move. In this case it is definitely worth it—big kitchen (by NY standards), lots of light, etc. I find myself at Starbucks with a scorching hot tea catching up on email, etc. (also running away from the mountain of boxes and packing paper) until we get internet service this weekend. Stay tuned. More photos will be posted.



435056038 95b6cdac32 o supervisor

Our cat Sammy is enjoying a moment of peace before the movers come tomorrow.