racing the rain

433593810 843ee51ab5 o racing the rain

One more for the blog. This was towards the end of the fashion shoot last Friday and the first few rain drops were beginning to fall — the sky creating a dramatic backdrop. Not so good when you’re hanging up your sheets to dry (hypothetically speaking, of course). The instructions for this particular shoot from our teacher was to have a minimum of 4 different looks, or outfits. I have posted only 3 samples but will have a more complete series up on my website after some final edits.


more laundry

432380693 fbd09f69b2 o more laundry

Another photo from the laundry series.


laundry “shoot”

431608300 f22842b3a8 o laundry shoot

The conditions were perfect today for my “modern girl doing laundry the old fashioned way” fashion shoot. Great model, great assistant, ideal weather — so much fun! I had no idea how this would all turn out as I had never planned anything like this before. Do I have the right clothes pins, unwrinkled sheets, is it going to rain, are the clothes going to fit my model, do I have a back up memory card, is the idea really lame, etc. So many details and walls to climb (literally), but so worth it.


blue eye

430383663 42616eb2fc o blue eye

This is turning into a blog for cat lovers. I’ll try and keep the pics of the kitties to a minimum, but they are what I see most of the day.


all in the name of art

429313660 87674f9045 o all in the name of art

The things I make Paul do… This morning I got him up at 8:45 a.m. and dragged him up to our rooftop to take a couple of test shots for my upcoming photo shoot. A willing participant, but the pained look on his face tells the real story.


new neighbor

428345729 c09570e9f3 o new neighbor

As I was taking measurements of our new apartment yesterday, I suddenly had the sense that I was being watched. I think our kitties will like our new apartment too–especially with such a good looking feline across the way.



426756246 9ad59f6dd1 o shadows

I took this photo only to show the shadows of the small shelf. One can see the beauty of the curves of the wood crafted by my father a number of years ago.