pup pup

425220838 ee185bc56c o pup pup

The sun came out yesterday, and despite the snow-flooded streets, New Yorkers (and their pets) were enjoying Saint Patrick’s Day.



424146615 dd73d5193f o location

I took this photo a couple of months ago, and even though it didn’t seem like much at the time, it sort of stuck with me. In my search for locations for some test fashion shoots I’m currently working on, this place might come in handy.


dangerous skies

423216467 42c0ef5e9e o dangerous skies

Today’s storm in NY kind of reminds me of the one I witnessed in Taos, New Mexico (shown here), last year. Both are dark and dangerous, but the storm in New Mexico produced rain and hail that lasted about 10 minutes, whereas the one in NY is expected to last over 24 hours. I love this weather stuff.


food porn

422160691 d47bbc1a22 o food porn

It didn’t take much creativity to frame this shot – the subject matter just speaks for itself. This photo is another in a series for my environmental portrait class. Again, from the kitchen of the Ethiopian restaurant downstairs.



421044752 34e1af2594 o rob

Here is a photo I took of my bro a few weeks ago in Arizona. He truly looks like he is in his element in the Tucson desert.


water closet

421056539 6ab6710886 o water closet

This bathroom gives new (old?) meaning to the words, ‘water closet’. It is actually in the main stairwell of an apartment building, rather than in the apartment unit itself. It belongs to the tenant that resides on that particular floor but it feels odd to exit the front door of his unit and enter, what looks like a closet, in the hallway next to the main stairwell.


warmest place in the house

418909274 bcdecb8538 o warmest place in the house

I went to pick up my jacket and realized Ernie had curled up in the hood. Cute as a button, but more cat hair on my clothes.