417530819 1fac12d05f o injera

Injera, sometimes described as an oversized sour pancake, serves as the base for Ethiopian cuisine. I was lucky enough to observe (and photograph) the kitchen and owner of Meskel.


in harlem

415905204 1268c73903 o in harlem

Yesterday I made my way up to Harlem to photograph Charle’s Chicken (I recommend the fried chicken and collards) and met this guy. He said he was shy about having his picture taken but proved otherwise when he followed me and my camera all the way to the subway. I realize this particular picture is way overexposed, but I think that is why I like it.


fleeting glimpse

414669603 790380ba0e o fleeting glimpse

This is a small taste of my evening yesterday. I was assigned to photograph an Irish pub, Blaggard’s, for a local newspaper but got caught up in conversation with the two blurry images you see here (the conversation was blurry too, for many reasons). If you look carefully, you can see their faces more clearly. I usually get free food at these gigs, but I was not so lucky this time around. One Guiness was on the house, though. Some people sitting on the other side of me asked the bartender for frozen drinks. In an Irish Pub???? Shame.



413062281 6a2776c868 o haisam

This is a photo from a series taken for my environmental portrait class. The gent in the pic was very easy going and had a cool apartment – making my assignment a breeze. This particular photo probably won’t make the final cut, but it was one that I was kind of partial to. The slight distortion is caused by a convex mirror.


angry pig

412228514 33950f60c6 o angry pig

The photographer of this bizzare photo is unknown. I wish I could take credit for this picture. The absurdity of it just makes me smile every time I look at it. This cartoon pig looks so freaky with it’s disjointed arms and angry expression. At least the kids around it don’t seem too alarmed.



410940280 0f46ab8cb7 o ernie

Our cat Ernie.


friday night

408885060 6f46cab3e8 o friday night

View from the couch.