409066726 851a7fabcd o backyard

Taken last year in New Mexico.


the stars come out at night

128521955 69ab190016 the stars come out at night

Halloween. New Orleans. Taken a few years ago with a film camera way before digital was a glimmer in my eye.


climbing walls

406170330 d22f871cc4 climbing walls

Mike is at ease just before he scales another verticle plane. This is another photo taken in a rock-climbing series for my environmental portrait class.


about the food

408910854 af7f3688fa o about the food

The first of many food shots to come. This is the best flan I’ve had–fresh from a restaurant called Chavella’s in Brooklyn. Definitely worth the hike from the East Village.


the other side of the lens

403722808 1e47d95442 the other side of the lens

When I looked out the porch window this morning, I was surprised to see a little camera perched on the sill of our neighbors across the way, pointed in our general direction (center of pic). Maybe I should be more careful when I pick my nose…


rock climbing

403713463 6d5b25a1db rock climbing

I didn’t want to do it. But I did it and I kind of liked it. This photo is part of a series I’m working on for my environmental portrait class at ICP.



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