hug and a warm blanket (or towel)

7161182886 c7335903d2 o hug and a warm blanket (or towel)
This cloudy, damp weather is traveling deep into my bones. Cruising through my photo library I saw this photo that warmed me up.


how not to hold your camera

6987645790 88901edf24 o how not to hold your camera
I’m all about live and let live. But I offer this one tiny piece of advice for the aspiring photographer. For all those thousands of dollars you put into your camera and long lens, it might be a good idea to invest in a camera strap, no matter how cool you might think you look without it.


sporting a certain look

7133730153 e047a8787e o sporting a certain look


space. the final frontier.

6972857236 87d95f02a4 o space. the final frontier.
In honor of the space shuttle’s last flight. (From the archives, my bro imitating a landing on the moon in his own backyard.)


q-tip and a kennedy

7116426429 58ae1414ba o q tip and a kennedy
Yes, a boring posed shot but whatever.


colorful girl

7096582803 52cd0a1b2c o colorful girl


serving wine

7094164921 eb20b408f6 o serving wine

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