at the whim of the wind

3780950715 50c562afe4 o at the whim of the wind
Last week, while I was at Stone Barns, I was lucky enough to capture a couple of shots of the elusive butterfly (there aren’t many in the city, for sure). I’m also in the process of redesigning my website (woohoo!) and thinking more critically of my particular ‘brand’ and how I should market myself as a photographer. A friend asked me the other day, “What made you decide to use the butterfly as your logo?” I think I gave a pretty lame answer, if one at all, because I had never really thought about it. I guess, in part, it reminds me of my childhood – I grew up with a yellow painted room with butterfly wallpaper trim. To take it further, a butterfly to me, is small, delicate and colorful, the head turner of the bug world, yet it’s always at the whim of the wind. My photos are generally colorful (perhaps more figuratively than literally) with a delicate sensitivity, and while they are also spontaneous, they incorporate my sharp calculation of the world around me. Anyway, I’m sticking with this beautiful bug and hopefully the wind will carry it my way more often.