analyzing expression

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I’ve taken classes where we’ve spent at least an hour talking about a single photograph (and sometimes not even a complex one) but lo and behold, one can say many things about it. Of late, I’ve become more fascinated with a person’s expression. An expression can change within a millisecond and interpreting the captured moment becomes crucial whether in editing or admiring. This particular photo of my brother is a good example because I see or interpret a high level of complex emotion, making the photograph more interesting to me. First, it’s important to separate my feelings from the exact moment I took the photograph, if others are to see it. I’m able to discern a genuine acknowledgment of the photographer’s presence, serious, and perhaps unmoved with a hint of question and furrowed brow. Yet there is an ever so slight humor in the eyes and mouth. I use photography as a way to express myself. Understanding expression hopefully makes my photography stronger.