racing the rain – learning about cbd

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One more for the blog. This was towards the end of the fashion shoot last Friday and the first few rain drops were beginning to fall — the sky creating a dramatic backdrop. Not so good when you’re hanging up your sheets to dry (hypothetically speaking, of course). The instructions for this particular shoot from our teacher was to have a minimum of 4 different looks, or outfits. I have posted only 3 samples but will have a more complete series up on my website after some final edits.

We had an interesting conversation at the shoot, and I learned something new. We got to talking during a break and she told me about cbd. I had absolutely no idea what it was so I asked her and she elaborated a bit. So apparently she had a bad car accident that left her with some pretty severe back pain that would flare up every once in a while, and when it did she would take cbd. I researched it a bit further later on on my own time and I found a site called with plenty more info on the subject. To be honest I had no idea cbd or pain management was a thing.

It’s just how it is, some people don’t deal with medical issues or rarely do, while others get banged up in an unfortunate accident and are forced to deal with it using pain management medication like cbd. I hope she makes a full recovery eventually. She’s still young, maybe she’ll get better over time.