serving wine

7094164921 eb20b408f6 o serving wine

love is black and white

6302802562 fffa144ef9 o love is black and white

me, again

5988746804 96e6803f78 o me, again
When I am fresh out of subjects, and it’s just my iPhone and me, well, it’s time for a little narcissism.

miriam as muse

5905149360 2b181d81c6 o miriam as muse

legs crossing

5640180197 e70f70e5cb o legs crossing

face lift

5535451115 fc5ff59519 o face lift
Yes, a bit narcissistic with the self portraiture, but I love how these iPhone apps hide the lines.

creature comforts

3918097724 738b4ca113 o creature comforts