through the water cooler

6878387595 6e30a9b272 o through the water cooler

wildwood in winter

6636871265 d6115028d6 o wildwood in winter
My friend Christina and I decided to go on a photo adventure in Wildwood, NJ. The locals thought there was nothing there for us to photograph but we thought otherwise.

dreaming of a white christmas

6521332775 7c80fb6738 o dreaming of a white christmas

social climber

6521331405 369a9ba1ae o social climber

more reflections on reflections

6516664721 8e89b00c5e o more reflections on reflections
from the world of Bergdorf.

scene in new york

6235115896 7149f1aeea o scene in new york
View from the High Line.

fleeting and fabulous

5994271582 5c8fee00b3 o fleeting and fabulous