fuzzy ernie (and bad use of auto focus)

9202097953 07e2a3e0df o fuzzy ernie (and bad use of auto focus)

my feelings on winter

8384390187 c8f54c541c o my feelings on winter

sweet sammy

7651686262 f07e9a30c1 o sweet sammy

summer love

7550348440 14ae55a655 o summer love

picture purrfect

6800581946 fb7bf58d92 o picture purrfect
On my way out from a shoot last night, I set my camera on the table to put my jacket on and was quite startled to realize the cat on the table was real – it was sitting so perfectly still. I slowly reached my hand out to press the shutter without looking thru the viewfinder and was pleasantly surprised how well the reflections lined up on the table top.

alternative water fountain

6603491671 5332cdd162 o alternative water fountain

up close and personal

6310520612 d34d702991 o up close and personal