tis the season

6583244803 341bf0a7ea o tis the season

weekend of indulgences

2506430128 b8c7b5921c o weekend of indulgences

It all began last Friday afternoon — a NY celebration of bdays and best friends. Monday afternoon finds me tired and hungover in an empty apartment, but with many delicious memories.

the bistro

1150095162 c87939a4ce o the bistro

Continuing Paul’s bday celebration yesterday, we migrated over to our favorite burger spot, the Corner Bistro.

one night in Turkey

537271910 5e1e135fda o one night in Turkey

This is another photo I’ve always had an affinity for despite a luke warm enthusiasm from others. It was taken during a week of celebration for our friends Nazar and Doreen. In this particular instance, it might be my emotions and memories of Istanbul that cloud my judgement on whether this is considered a successful photograph or not. But, whatever. I still like it.