up close and personal

6310520612 d34d702991 o up close and personal

directing dog

6176120354 69b37b8230 o directing dog
Once again, in an attempt to get this cute pup’s attention, I take the photo with my hand in the way. I’ll have enough of these photos for a series someday…

fashion forward

6149129912 b84f53b8f7 o fashion forward
Not many girls can pull off this look, and how grateful I was to come across this lovely girl waiting for the Anna Sui show at fashion week before all the other paparazzi got a hold of her.

kitty love

6100685100 6148a72207 o kitty love

what I see first thing in the morning

5891520156 1b001cb572 o what I see first thing in the morning

I second that emotion

3702453210 5dae00515f o I second that emotion
A very fun pic – reminds me of another recent post.