time for a coffee break

6720280241 f376ac19cb o time for a coffee break

guy smiley

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This little puppy looks very happy.

fine craftsmanship

2311971379 903ddcc8cd o fine craftsmanship
This gorgeous cocktail table (or coffee table, depending on your preference) is almost done. Courtesy of my bro, this priceless bday gift will soon find its way into my living room.

the right way to start the day

481375134 579dd7a842 o the right way to start the day

Pann’s, a diner in L.A., is known for it’s architecture, chicken wings and waffles. First, you rip off a lucious bite of crispy, juicy chicken, then dip it in the melted butter and syrup. Alternate bites with the waffle and a side of grits. Top it all off with coffee and freshly squeezed o.j.