doing the dip

8249404209 5a7494597a o doing the dip

summer love

7550348440 14ae55a655 o summer love

new york f’in city (at least that’s what it says on the dude’s shirt)

7362330660 b24e8bcdc3 o new york fin city (at least thats what it says on the dudes shirt)

adventures in event photography

6955938573 7f73b5b000 o adventures in event photography

it must be love

6872094899 7ce3aee747 o it must be love

birds of a feather

6715175525 2bc7d5271e o birds of a feather
How lucky I was to be able to photograph my dear friends Erin and Brian. Their happiness is infectious (I literally jumped up and down when I heard of their engagement). While it was a blast to capture their energy and excitement, I also liked those quieter, unguarded moments.

love is black and white

6302802562 fffa144ef9 o love is black and white