party time out

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“the private is consumed as such, publicly” -Barthes, reflections on photography

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the calm after the storm

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A relaxing day spent courtside at Arthur Ashe stadium.

social networking

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Today I attended a seminar called Facebook vs. Face to Face, which discussed the benefits of both online social networking and the old fashioned talking-to-someone-in-the-same-room method, in hopes of expanding a budding photography career. Generally conservative in any kind of social networking, I am trying to embrace this new way of communicating via Facebook, Twitter, et al. In certain circles, it’s almost considered rude if one does not share what they ate for breakfast. Do people really care if I’m flabbergasted about how many ingredients there are in a chicken nugget? Granted, this might not directly help my photography career, but I guess it’s a way of starting or continuing a dialogue with my name attached to it. I would love for my photos to speak for themselves, but sometimes a status update from the photographer provides food for thought.