balloon in her sights

8694633636 6bbb5a2221 o balloon in her sights

sweet sammy

7651686262 f07e9a30c1 o sweet sammy

miss sunshine

7248953262 2258bc706a o miss sunshine

girls just wanna have fun

6864964282 35315a949c o girls just wanna have fun
And fun they had at the Audrey Grace Pop-Up party put on by the talented Small Girls. See more photos on the Guest of a Guest website!

lil pup

6859803608 26bb4204bc o lil pup

picture purrfect

6800581946 fb7bf58d92 o picture purrfect
On my way out from a shoot last night, I set my camera on the table to put my jacket on and was quite startled to realize the cat on the table was real – it was sitting so perfectly still. I slowly reached my hand out to press the shutter without looking thru the viewfinder and was pleasantly surprised how well the reflections lined up on the table top.

time for a perky little puppy. just because.

6643445029 a614c83519 o time for a perky little puppy. just because.