modern dinner

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paris in spring

5717306000 513c0bde72 o paris in spring


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After a day of classes and trade show gawking at this year’s PhotoPlus Expo I became a bit bleary-eyed. The shiniest part of the day was having dinner with my favorite college professor, Sue Bloom, whom I hadn’t seen in like, a lot of years.

ah, the life

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Until they become a gourmet dinner at Blue Hill.

it’s dinner time

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A pleasant treat awaited me at my mom’s house last week… her home made enchiladas.

had my cake and ate it too

2239489132 a61072f849 o had my cake and ate it too
Another bday for the record books. I was trying to think of something deep and meaningful to write for this post — how bdays are great but suck, etc. I’m over it. Simply put, I had my gin (with one olive), cards and notes from all my loving friends and family, and that was just right. Dinner at Babbo was icing on the bday cake.

tv dinner

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Paul made a trio of gazpacho, avocado and cucumber soups for dinner the other evening. I was so impressed, as was the guy on tv.