a feel good event on the inside and out

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gallery gal

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royal subjects

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At a gallery opening last night I was quite taken by the photographs as well as some of the attendees, and thought the two went well together. If you get a chance, see the show at Danziger Gallery in Chelsea – it is a wonderful collection.

take a walk on the wild side

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On a whim, my dear friend Lori and I decided to stroll on over to Salon 94 to catch an exhibit by Marilyn Minter. Her large images of shoes and babies splashing in gold and silver paint are gorgeously grotesque. Glad we went.

solitude and celebration

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Congratulations to Misaki (pictured right) for her first solo photo show, Solitude Sanctuary! Her beautifully silent images contrasted nicely with all the wonderful friends who came out in support tonight.