I guess you can take my picture

6915660038 10db406ff1 o I guess you can take my picture

picture purrfect

6800581946 fb7bf58d92 o picture purrfect
On my way out from a shoot last night, I set my camera on the table to put my jacket on and was quite startled to realize the cat on the table was real – it was sitting so perfectly still. I slowly reached my hand out to press the shutter without looking thru the viewfinder and was pleasantly surprised how well the reflections lined up on the table top.

when in manhattan…

5833554703 605ac4eca1 o when in manhattan...

armed and not very dangerous

3777284977 dc59fc28c1 o armed and not very dangerous
One sees a lot of interesting things on a daily basis in the city, but this woman and her gorgeous mosaic stopped me in my tracks. Thank goodness I had my iPhone. Gawd, do I love New York.