one of the more colorful events that I’ve been to

8474818080 85e90e7261 o one of the more colorful events that Ive been to

no photos please!

8000141295 f7ebdc532e o no photos please! One of the hazards of my job. But really. You’re beautiful, in a public place, probably spent a lot of time picking out your outfit… your photo will be taken. You know that. (Snarky post, I know.)

colorful girl

7096582803 52cd0a1b2c o colorful girl

on the move

6757622779 10e45698ac o on the move

soaking in the sun

5758201897 86965c3400 o soaking in the sun

I second that emotion

3702453210 5dae00515f o I second that emotion
A very fun pic – reminds me of another recent post.

getting a tan

3570858610 78697c8ce1 o getting a tan
My mom’s cat, Callie, always finds the best spot in the house.