no photos please!

8000141295 f7ebdc532e o no photos please! One of the hazards of my job. But really. You’re beautiful, in a public place, probably spent a lot of time picking out your outfit… your photo will be taken. You know that. (Snarky post, I know.)

time for a coffee break

6720280241 f376ac19cb o time for a coffee break

directing dog

6176120354 69b37b8230 o directing dog
Once again, in an attempt to get this cute pup’s attention, I take the photo with my hand in the way. I’ll have enough of these photos for a series someday…

pretty, kind-of-drunk girl (and my hand)

5583454692 ac3448f06a o pretty, kind of drunk girl (and my hand)
Another note to self: make sure when I’m trying to get someone’s attention my hand isn’t in the frame of the photo.

face lift

5535451115 fc5ff59519 o face lift
Yes, a bit narcissistic with the self portraiture, but I love how these iPhone apps hide the lines.

I second that emotion

3702453210 5dae00515f o I second that emotion
A very fun pic – reminds me of another recent post.