getting a tan

3570858610 78697c8ce1 o getting a tan
My mom’s cat, Callie, always finds the best spot in the house.


3347175165 bd8d86b29d o new irk
Home to the airport then home again. “Delays due to congestion,” so I had the option of sleeping in Chicago, Dallas or home tonight. I’ll try this again tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll have some brighter pics to post once I finally arrive at my intended destination in the great southwest. (A very nice person on the tram this afternoon offered to take my picture so I tried to look pensive and annoyed. I think it worked out.)

inside looking out… again

3310151371 cb6fc2f19e o inside looking out... again

but from the comfort of home (not my home but a most lovely home none-the-less).

inside looking out

3304670926 761c9bffb9 o inside looking out

Taken from the inside of our mosquito-ridden van on the way home from one of our adventures in Phuket.

part of a non-nutritious lunch

2952794370 c3dcc43f42 o part of a non nutritious lunch

I have started the Artist Way, which includes a series of exercises that will hopefully make me more creative. One of the lessons is to have an artist date with yourself once a week. It can be anything that you want but it should have a very personal meaning. This past week, I went to 7-Eleven for a Slurpee and and ice cream sandwich (I had to make due with a Pop Tart in lieu of the ice cream). When I was growing up, it was a weekly ritual for me to walk to the local 7-Eleven with my hard-earned allowance. I was hoping to recapture those days and to some extent I did but I also took home a slightly upset stomach. All very worth it, upset tummy and all.

picture this

2785175516 7e456197e3 o picture this

Sometimes having the camera annoys me because I can get lost in a moment and then think, “oh, I need to take a picture of this” and my special moment is lost in getting my camera and fixing my settings, etc. But then I get home and look at the results and find I have that special little moment forever.

on the rail again

2778438379 97cb3e821f o on the rail again

Train or the Turnpike? I choose train. Gave my brain a rest from reality and got a lot of reading done on my trip home today.