girls just wanna have fun

6864964282 35315a949c o girls just wanna have fun
And fun they had at the Audrey Grace Pop-Up party put on by the talented Small Girls. See more photos on the Guest of a Guest website!

tasty treat

6367341137 2fca439fd3 o tasty treat
I believe this is the first photo I’ve posted to my blog taken with my new iPhone. It’s very delicious.

storm watch

6078039330 4d0a4026e7 o storm watch
It was getting a little dull around here without any more exploding transformers or earthquakes.

me, again

5988746804 96e6803f78 o me, again
When I am fresh out of subjects, and it’s just my iPhone and me, well, it’s time for a little narcissism.

not quite rosey

5623015116 7756444247 o not quite rosey
Spring keeps taking one step forward and two back.

sammie sweetheart

5607166710 b74e7181e8 o sammie sweetheart

birds of a feather

5537487479 4b2ba17d1e o birds of a feather