scene on the streets of jersey

6778838319 38fb488307 o scene on the streets of jersey

skylark in hibernation

6668219037 aa01a0a288 o skylark in hibernation
Another photo from my recent trip to Wildwood, NJ. For more go to

wildwood in winter

6636871265 d6115028d6 o wildwood in winter
My friend Christina and I decided to go on a photo adventure in Wildwood, NJ. The locals thought there was nothing there for us to photograph but we thought otherwise.

another landscape of sorts

2381040767 71199887b3 o another landscape of sorts

remains of the day

808434590 c531a0d0b5 o remains of the day

We’ve been spending a lot of time by the Hudson river (as Paul said it was an unexpected benefit to moving to the west village). There is a new, beautifully landscaped boardwalk where lovers can hold hands and families, musicians and dancers play. But this photo taken about a month ago, captures a completely different feeling with the old pier in the foreground and the New Jersey skyline beginning to light up after the sun has set.

to the motherland

514135593 32af41bde7 o to the motherland

I didn’t really pay attention to this photo when I took it last December, but now, after aging a few months, it looks different for some reason. I like the connection, or lack thereof between Paul’s sister and the painting from Poland on his parent’s wall in New Jersey. (Paul, his sister and folks are currently taking the trip of a lifetime. They started in Poland, where his parents are originally from, then Paris and London.)