motorcycle bling

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hope springs eternal… and links

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My friend Marcos’s interview with me came at a really good time — Sometimes I feel I have a long way to go with my art, but I need to step back once in a while and acknowledge the things I have accomplished. You might recognize some of these images from previous blog posts but here is the complete collection that appears in the documentary, “A Nation Remembers — The Story of the Pentagon Memorial” which will air on national television sometime next year and can also be purchased here —

from the flames

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At approximately 8:30 a.m. yesterday morning in a factory in Missouri, the last 4 benches of the 184 total for the Pentagon Memorial were formed. Poured from 3,000 degree molten ferralium (titanium equivalent) the hardened benches will be polished and shipped to their final destination in Arlington, Virginia.


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Yesterday I had the opportunity to tour the construction site of the Pentagon Memorial. After years of viewing artist renderings, blue prints and using my imagination, I was able to finally see and touch a place that will, in another year, be like no other.