bearded dude talking to a woman

8048315570 de19303a3c o bearded dude talking to a woman
This almost works. I really wanted to show the guy w the beard a bit more. And the phrase, “it’s the thought that counts” doesn’t work when it comes to photos.

cuteness in the crowd

8030073579 07b40b6df0 o cuteness in the crowd


7755288504 7727f109e8 o chaos

she’s got talent

7342139984 cb3d476ece o shes got talent

shadows and flowers

6938947653 7aca079647 o shadows and flowers

glow in the dark

5940917378 978a275ea5 o glow in the dark
Not the most interesting party photo but it was fun to let the cell phone illuminate this lovely girl’s face rather than my flash at last night’s Casa La Femme party.

a quiet moment

5559642754 d91ec06583 o a quiet moment