coney character

6629093647 f95a0cc626 o coney character

it’s a wonder

6426135151 34d3001487 o its a wonder
that I even got this shot. lucky.

resolute in red

6238747854 a367797bf8 o resolute in red
Probably one of the last photos I will take with my trusty original iPhone.

back to the future

6127219118 cd7224dc0c o back to the future
While I wait for my computer (and photo library) to ‘freshen’ up with upgrades I thought I’d post an iphone photo from a recent foray into my mom’s closet. More posts should be on the way soon…

an umbrella: c’est necessaire

5726725841 4cd2951b49 o an umbrella: cest necessaire

two girls and a guy (safe for work)

5598366862 970954b083 o two girls and a guy (safe for work)