yet another cat and window

3570042141 012eb2c0fa o yet another cat and window

shot in the dark

3313577155 d1d547b2e8 o shot in the dark
A simple picture but taken quickly in manual mode, no flash, on the roof of someone else’s car.

trapeze artist

2045477486 75f9e5fbac o trapeze artist
A squirrel-proof bird feeder is a tough thing to find. As we were eating our breakfast, this little guy took a flying leap to his (hers?).

heat of the night

1253544193 da2f7c263a o heat of the night

A couple of beers, good friends and a camera gave me this shot (taken on the rooftop of a friend’s party last Saturday).

all in the name of art

429313660 87674f9045 o all in the name of art

The things I make Paul do… This morning I got him up at 8:45 a.m. and dragged him up to our rooftop to take a couple of test shots for my upcoming photo shoot. A willing participant, but the pained look on his face tells the real story.