sitting sweetly in the shade

5916902000 3771f55d02 o sitting sweetly in the shade

a man and his cat

5909910419 00541fe9aa o a man and his cat
I dig this portrait of Patrick and his kitty, Clementine, forging ahead with their relationship.


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mother’s day

3521585281 3d653f1045 o mothers day

smoke and a pancake?

3031428524 1976c39e4f o smoke and a pancake?

More like a smoke and a Mr. Softee milkshake for the newly married couple, sitting here on the steps of the New York Public Library.


1254522148 c147588487 o pause

Sitting next to us in a country restaurant in the Catskills was this old dusty piano. I hope at the very least it’s brought back to life for special occasions.


974344163 d89360c2f9 o fans

Sitting behind us at the game last night were a team of Japanese kids supporting their man Hideki Matsui. Matsui gave them a real show by hitting two homeruns leading the Yankees to a 16-3 win against the White Sox.