yet another cat and window

3570042141 012eb2c0fa o yet another cat and window

old landmark

3429373196 796fb989a3 o old landmark
The Target located right behind it has now become the new landmark in Fort Greene.

getting ready for another fresh start

3344460277 fe19e49f45 o getting ready for another fresh start

dream cream

3188910450 92cfd9f780 o dream creamBrought to you by Russ & Daughters. Go there.

start of a party

3163234167 2d99df2bf4 o start of a party

color by Mood

3068623443 446713a4e5 o color by Mood

This week I went to Mood fabric store for my artist date. Whenever my mom took me to the fabric store as a kid, I would stare at all the different kinds of buttons. Mood (a Project Runway haunt) provided me a very nice selection. I also wanted to inject some color into my blog before I go back to my usual darker ‘moods’.

nice puddle

3059235343 191cae2f86 o nice puddle

During the winter I’m usually so cold I don’t want to lift my head to look up and so I end up staring at miles of dirty sidewalks until spring comes.